WOW! What an event

Well the Coopers Outback Border Stampede is done and dusted for 2013. Large crowds on Friday for the talent quest and Saturday for the Stampede were treated to fantastic performances and participated in some fun competitions.

Testimonials from attendees and musicians along with photos and info on the next great Stampede coming soon, so watch this space!

Thank you to our small community that covers a large area of outback SA and NSW, it was amazing to see the fantastic venue come to life with the huge sound and light production from Gavin Chandler, the magic stage management and performances from Graeme Hugo plus the brilliant showing of our local bands and individuals.

The honest performances from Cory Hargreaves, Paul Costa and of course Tania Kernaghan were received so well by the crowd and we thank them all for their effort.

Tim Smith and Paula Gardner as guest MC's were exceptional and we reckon they have taken a little piece of Cockburn home in their hearts after this show!

Again watch this space, and we'll let you know how our next Stampede will be just as amazing as 2013.......

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Coopers Outback Border Stampede - Why?

Cockburn, a small dot on a big map right on the border of SA and NSW, we know how to struggle, fight, survive, joke, laugh and cry the same as everyone else that calls Outback Australia home.

When over 40 years ago the original railway corridor (centre of town) was officially closed and the last wooden railway sleeper removed from the nationalised line in 1991, it was intended for the ex-northern railway towns to disappear.

This was unacceptable to the district and survival mode commenced, a major fundraiser was planned for the 3rd Wompinie Country Music Roundup and with a little effort and tugging at his heartstrings with the story of the Australian Flag Slim Dusty agreed to bring his Travelling Country Band and play for the district for nothing.

Cockburn through the years

  • 1968 - in Cockburn
  • 1968 - 'W' class loco heading into the township of Burns
  • 1968 - 409 Garrett
  • 1990's - railway corridor looking east

It’s now been 15 years since that event and we no longer have Slim Dusty but we do have a memory of him, his life and his time supporting this area. So why not celebrate with the Outback Border Stampede themed to celebrate Slim. All the artists that play have to sing a Slim Dusty song, the Slim Dusty Anniversary Talent Quest is underway with all entrants and the host band needing to sing a Slim Dusty song. The winner of the Talent Quest gets to sing a Slim Dusty song on stage with Tania Kernaghan - how cool is that. We have the Outback Border "Talent Challenged" Buskers where people from the crowd with NO musical background will get coached in a workshop and then play a Slim Dusty song on the big stage.

Why are we here because we love Slim and we love the bush so let’s all get together and have a ball and keep the Outback Communities alive by having a great time - is there any better way to fund raise!

I personally invite you all to join in. In the words of Slim - This is where Country is!


Ryan - President, Cockburn Progress Association Inc.  Learn a little more..

Welcome to the Outback Border Stampede

the Outback Border Stampede, Featuring Tania Kernaghan and Paul Costa - Guest Artist Graeme Hugo, including Cory Hargreaves as seen on this years 'The Voice'

Also Proudly Presenting

Cory Hargreaves as seen on this years 'The Voice'

Cory Hargreaves

Guest MCs - Comedians Tim Smith and Paula Gardner

  • Guest MC - Tim Smith
  • Guest MC - Paula Gardner