What can you participate in for fun and support?

Slim Dusty Anniversary Talent Quest

Win your own 15 minutes of fame on the big stage as well as the opportunity to sing with Tania Kenaghan. Enter a heat now for the final on 1st Feb. Read More...

Outback Border "TC" Buskers - TC = Talent Challenged

Do you have an untapped desire to be on the stage but cant play an instrument, well here's your chance. Read More...

Jack n Jill Challenge (Team event)

Do you and your mates reckon you can be the best Jackaroo's and Jillaroo's at the Stampede! Read More...

Raffles and Auctions

Support the Slim Dusty Centre at Kempsy in its final stage of development as well as supporting our Community / District in these beneficial and fun Raffles and Auctions. Read more....

Outback Border "TC" Buskers - TC = Talent Challenged

Talent Challenged Buskers

If you have no music experience but have always wanted to be on stage then HERE'S YOUR CHANCE.

Enter to win your chance to be one of around 9 to play a Slim Dusty song on stage after being coached to play in the Outback Border TC Buskers Workshop.

Entry is paid at the event entrance and via roving talent scouts throughout the day, and then wait to see if your name comes out of the hat to get you into the workshop and onto the stage. 

Standard and Traditional Aussie instruments will be used such as:






Bottle Bass

Can you play the "Gumleaf" if so - we want you too.


Jack n Jill Challenge

Jack n Jill Competition

Who's team has the best Outback Jakaroo's and Jillaroo's

Get your team of 3 together to see who can take out the prize. 

This is a team event including:

  • Fill the sheep trough relay
  • Put up the stock fence
  • Boil the billy
  • Roll the cowboy hat
  • Horse-shoe Quoits

Don't forget to think outside the square!

The winning team is sure to receive a very coveted prize!!


Open to ages 12 and over - Join the fun, a small entry fee is all that's needed (as well as a sense of humour) 


Raffles Supporting Cockburn and the Slim Dusty Centre

Win An Akubra Hat Styled In Memory Of Slim Dusty

Akubra Cattleman Hat Raffle styled in the memory of Slim Dusty
click to view larger

Win a genuine Akubra Hat, hand shaped to Slim's Characteristic Dip.

(Hat shaped by Outback Whips and Leather, Broken Hill).

Tickets $1.00 each, and are available at:

The Prize is on display at the Coburn Hotel prominently behind the bar next to the signed and engraved mirror from 15 yrs ago - Check it out. 

The Raffle will be drawn at the Coopers Outback Border Stampede February 2nd, 2013.

Stampede Mystery Box Raffle and Auction

example of Mystery Boxes - (final boxes likely to be different, anyhoo it's the prize inside that counts!)

This raffle and auction is planned to have 21 prizes comprising of:

  • 1 prize of at least $1,000
  • 20 prizes with an approx value of $100-$250 each

A list of the prizes will be published soon and the prizes will be randomly allocated to any one of the 21 Mystery Boxes.

The Mystery Box raffle and auction will be held on the 2nd February, 2013, at the Outback Border Stampede

How the Mystery Boxes will be awarded

  • firstly the Mystery Box raffle will be held with the 15 winners being drawn able to choose which Mystery Box they would like
  • then the remaining Mystery Boxes will become part of the auction
  • the contents of each Mystery Box will be only known after all the Mystery Boxes have been raffled and auctioned, thereby keeping the excitement alive of who has received what prize until the very end
  • as part of the excitement and fun of the Mystery Boxes anyone who has won a Mystery Box raffle prize if they wish to can donate their Mystery Box towards the auction Mystery Boxes

Tickets are $5 each - Mystery Box raffle tickets available online here.

(proceeds from this raffle/auction will go to the Cockburn Community to help keep the town going, ie paying for their street lights, postal service, community hall, just to name a few).