The Slim Dusty Anniversary Talent Quest

Here's is a fantastic opportunity for all non signed musicians and up and coming artists to get a true 15 minutes of fame as well an unprecedented opportunity to sing with Tania Kernaghan on stage!

Each heat for the talent quest is hosted by a feature band who are also the guest judges for the night.

The winners of each heat will return on the 1st February to the Grand Final held at the Coburn Hotel with Guest Artist and Judge - Cory Hargreaves who has had his share of receiving judging after appearing on "The Voice".

The winner will receive a cash prize + a 15 minute slot on the big stage the next day at the Coopers Outback Border Stampede + perform a Slim Dusty song live onstage with Tania Kernaghan! WOW.


COMING UP - Heat 4 on New Years Eve!!!!! Country Karaoke theme

Warm up your vocal chords for Country Karaoke night for round 4 of the Slim Dusty Anniversary Talent Quest.

Either just have fun or simply nominate for yout chance to end up at the Talent Quest grand final on 1st Feb and maybe you'll be singing with Tania Kernaghan the next day!

Monday night 31st December at the Coburn Hotel

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Major Miners - Host Band for Heat 3

BEEN & GONE - Heat 3 of the Talent Quest - Dec 15th

Heat 3 saw the Coburn Hotel "jazzed" up with the Major Minors as the host band and judges.

The Major Minors hosted the 3rd heat on December 15th - Fantastic talent has moved onto the grand final - Well done Kempy

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Davidson Brothers host Heat 2

BEEN & GONE - Heat 2 of the Talent Quest - Dec 1st

Heat 2 of the Talent Quest - Dec 1st seen an extreme bluegrass session unfold at the Coburn Hotel. The Davidson Brothers are an absolute premium dua and the treated the district to a fantastic night. Not only can they play but they are great guys also. Where else can you watch the act and then have a beer with the band whilst they judge the Talent Quest entrants.

Many many thanks to Hamish an Lachlan. 

Heat 2 of Talent Quest supported by 'The Davidson Brothers'

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The Davidson Brothers

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The Slim Dusty Anniversary Talent Quest